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Selected shop of tasty food from all over Japan is now opened at OPA2 Sannomiya branch!!

St.Cousair`s new brand, "Kuzefuku Shoten" and Japanese style cafe "Kuzefuku Cafe" is opened at the same time in West Japan.

Kuzefuku Cafe, which is opened at the same street with Kuzefuku Shoten, serves many kinds of sweets and foods such as "Anmitsu of an old-established shop of bean paste", "Assorted Gelato ", "Udon of Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock" and "Flavorful Japanese Soup Stock Pasta of Tomato and Clams".
All the foods and sweets use the products of Kuzefuku Shoten to enable the customers to enjoy our products right away.


Kuzefuku Shoten and Kuzefuku Cafe is opened at OPA Sannomiya branch

Products of Kuzefuku

The soul food from every hometown in Japan
  • Made with Satsuma`s black vinegar and fruit juice'Vinegar to drink'

    Made with Satsuma`s black vinegar and fruit juice"Vinegar to drink"

  • Zenkoujimonmae Miharaya 'Story of Koji'

    Zenkoujimonmae Miharaya "Story of Koji"

  • The blessings of Kurohimetakahara 'Japanese Gelato'

    The blessings of Kurohimetakahara "Japanese Gelato"

  • Rice`s best friend 'Stock and Soy Sauce Mixture to eat'

    Rice`s best friend "Stock and Soy Sauce Mixture to eat"

  • Kesennuma Style Salted Squid Guts

    Kesennuma Style Salted Squid Guts

  • Healthy 'Tofu Donut'

    Healthy "Tofu Donut"

  • Kyoto Bean paste of an old-established shop

    Kyoto Bean paste of an old-established shop

  • Kyoto  Candy of an old-established shop

    Kyoto Candy of an old-established shop

Kuzefuku Cafe Logo

"Kuzefuku Cafe" is a new brand by "Kuzefuku Shoten".
It is a Japanese style cafe which serves foods and sweets using Japanese ingredients.
Enjoy our foods, such as noodle, which use our hit product, "Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock", and sweets which use Ogura bean paste from an old-established shop in Kyoto.
Customers are allowed to eat and drink the products bought at Kuzefuku Shoten in the cafe.

food tea time
Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock

Our big hit product was introduced by media!!
'Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock'

Kuzefuku Shoten`s "Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock" is mainly made of powder of dried bonito from Yaizu and flavorful skipjack flakes. It is also made of kelp from Hokkaido prefecture, smoked mackerel, dried sardine from the inland sea of Japan and grilled flying fish.
We select the best ingredients and cut each of them to the same size to make a best-balanced soup stock.
After many improvements, with all our confidence, we recommend our big hit product, "Flavorful Almighty Soup Stock" to you.

Kuzefuku Shoten
To the World

On the basis of our concept, "The Japanese gourmet store", we gather tasty food from all over Japan. Our mission is to spread the real Japanese food culture to the world. We have about 2000 kinds of soup stock, seasoning, frozen food, snack and kitchen ware which we made with producers all over Japan.

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Kuzefuku Shoten`s 3 philosophies
Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten
Kuzefuku`s passion

As a buyer of Kuzefuku, we strive to find the deeper flavour in soup stock and fermented food from the best source. Our passion is to create the best product as we go deep into the root of "Umami", because we are proud of our food culture.

The ingredients we have found are exclusive and precious, and the final products are something that we can confidently recommend to all.
Just like how the combination of the Konbu stock from Kansai and the Katsuo stock from Kanto caught the attention of many in Edo era, we went back to the basic and got the best out of the highest quality.

Values from the Taisho era

The basic concept of Kuzefuku Shoten came from the Taisho era. At that period of time, a lot of Japanese products and ingredients were made for export to overseas. Hence, they were labled "Made in Japan" and, that label is still valuable until now.
In the store that are built like the Taisho era style, we have the most exclusive products available chosen by our buyers with their sharp detailed eyes.
At our kitchen counter, we happily offer an explanation of each product in Kuzefuku style.

Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten

Produced by St.Cousair. The best ingredients for you.

"Kuzefuku Shoten" and "Kuzefuku Cafe" are developed by St.Cousair, which has head office located in Nagano prefecture.
St.Cousair has been pursuing the wealth of the countryside by making home made jam and winery. St.Cousair has been making lots of hit products and became the brand which is loved by everyone for its passion towards fine foods.

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Aim to be the only one to serve the best one for the customer Aim to be the only one to serve the best one for the customer
St.Cousair St.Cousair St.Cousair
St.Cousair St.Cousair St.Cousair


Sannomiya OPA2 2F, 6-1-15 Kumoidori Chuo-ku Kobe-shi Hyogo 651-0096
Opening hours:
10:00~21:00(Kuzefuku Cafe last call 20:00)
Contact us:
Osaka Metro Service
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